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Our program

PCB design
Design of mostly multi layer PCBs in latest version of professional environment - OrCAD Cadence 16.2 or 3D OrCAD PCB Designer Professional 16.6

Embedded microprocessor systems
Most of our previous devices and instruments have capability of programming via LAN

Industrial controls
Programming of industrial applications

Industrial automation
Design, development and production in the field of processing automation and inspection

ETHERNET modules
Development and production of large scale serial to ETHERNET converters and Ethernet I/O modules

IoT, LoRa I/O and communication modules
Development and production of converters and control modules with wireless communication in field IoT

Leakage current measurement
Design, development and production of equipment suitable for leakage current measurement of capacitors

Communication systems
Mutual interconnection of system components, conversion of interfaces into required formats.

USB applications
HID design - joystick, PS/2 mouse, I/O; conversions of the existing serial lines to USB.

PARKER SD12, SD13 & SD15 Stepper Drives Repair
Parker Digiplan 1408.082, 1408.083 Parker SD13, 1408.081 Parker SD15 Stepper Drives Repair