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PCB design

3D design, part of construction
  • PCB design in OrCAD Cadence 16.2 or 3D OrCAD PCB Designer Professional 16.6.
  • Design complexity and number of layers are not limited in fact, HDI technology - stacked mikroVIAs, drilled holes from 0,1mm, blind-VIAs and buried-VIAs
  • Express design and product delivery terms are possible
  • Creating of documentation possible with intersheet references too - suitable for large and complicated schematics
  • Easy import of design to mechanical 3D CAD tool via design step model
  • Mounting technology - thruhole, SMT and combined
  • Long term cooperation with czech and international customers
  • Design and production of special jigs for electronic components testing
  • Long term practice with mechanical construction - many special parts is possible design and effectively produce in PCB technology
  • Galvanic and chemical gold and nickel plating

3D design, part of construction

3D design of special jig

3D design with BGA and WLCSP

3D design, TOP side view

3D design, BOT side view

Hierarchical structure schematics

6 - layer PCB